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What Makes Motives® Eye Lash Curler Unique? A favorite of makeup artists everywhere, an eyelash curler is truly a girl’s best friend. It gently clamps around your lashes, making them reach for the sky. Precise engineering applies the perfect amount of pressure on eyelashes and will not pinch your eyelid. Instantly opens the appearance of the eye and prepares the lashes for mascara application.

Primary Benefits of Motives® Eye Lash Curler:

  • Lifts lashes and opens the eye
  • Precise engineering applies perfect amount of pressure on eyelashes
  • Creates the look of longer, more dramatic eyelashes
  • Easy to use and essential for a polished finish
  • Chic gunmetal color
  • Curved angle suits all eye shapes

What is the purpose of using an eyelash curler? The purpose of an eyelash curler is to lift and curl the lashes in preparation for mascara application. This gives the lashes better structure for application which lasts throughout the day.

How often should I use Motives Eye Lash Curler? In order to achieve a polished finish, use as part of your daily makeup regimen prior to applying your mascara.

Will Motives Eye Lash Curler pinch my eyelid? Motives Eye Lash Curler is created with a specific engineering that allows it to apply firm pressure to the lashes without pinching the eyelid.

Is Motives Eye Lash Curler ideal for all eye shapes? Yes, Motives Eye Lash Curler is curved so that it suits all eye shapes.

Will this product help me achieve longer, more dramatic eyelashes? Motives Eye Lash Curler is not a treatment to grow lashes. The intention is to pump and curl the lashes making them look longer and volumized.

Motives Cosmetics Product Reviews

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by CheyanneD

Have to have

I completely love this it doesn't rip my eye lashes out and it just glides off my eye lashes


by SorayaF

Not impressed

Not impressed for a Motives Product. I was expecting a better press on the eye lashes. Instead, had same or less results than your average drug store product.



Get sexy lashes

i used a few different eyelash curler i have to say I really love motives eye lash curler! It curl every single lashes without pulling! It's so easy to use and it fit every eye shape.


by AngelaA


I like this product. It was easy to use. Make my lashes look great.


by YvonneC


This is so easy to use and wide enough to cover all lashes~~~ Beautiful design. Quality is excellent. When you hold it, it just gave very professional touch!!

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