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Proper pH balance is essential for your skin to perform its primary function as a barrier. Under normal conditions, the surface of human skin is acidic with a pH ~5. This low pH value is maintained in several different ways, including through the production of free fatty acids during cell maturation, and secretion of fatty acids and lactic acid in sweat. This acidic pH helps to protect the skin against micro-organisms and to maintain the skin’s natural barrier function. Skintelligence pH Skin Normalizer assists your skin in maintaining a normal pH level and promotes your skin’s natural ability to resist the effects of pollution and other environmental conditions. Formulated and pH-balanced with some natural extracts, Skintelligence pH Skin Normalizer promotes clean, smooth, balanced and moisturized skin. This alcohol-free formula exfoliates dead skin cells and removes traces of dirt, makeup and other impurities which clog pores. Additionally, Skintelligence pH Skin Normalizer supports elasticity and an even skin tone.
  • Exfoliates dead and dull looking skin cells and removes traces of dirt, makeup and other impurities that clog pores
  • Conditions skin after cleansing
  • Assists the skin in maintaining normal pH
  • Contains three effective moisturizers to hydrate and soften skin: Sodium Lactate, Hydrolyzed
  • Mucopolysaccharides and Butylene Glycol
  • Makes a great hair conditioner after shampooing
  • Completely water-soluble — will not clog pores
  • Alcohol free
Hydrolyzed Mucopolysaccharides - A complex of proteins and amino acids derived from the hydrolysis of plant extracts — the essential constituents of every living cell. Moisturizes and lubricates the skin by acting like tiny ""blotters"" which bind moisture to the cells. The presence of these lubricating moisturizers help maintain elasticity, flexibility and texture.

NaPCA - A naturally occurring component of human skin that is believed to be in part due to its moisture binding capacity.

Sodium Lactate - A humectant (absorbs moisture) which is substituted for glycerin because of its superior softening properties and its ability to absorb more moisture into the skin.

Butylene Glycol - A humectant (absorbs moisture) which permeates easily into the skin. Used extensively in skin and hair care products as a safe, non-irritating moisturizer.

Horsetail Extract - Made from the stems of the plant and supports the skin’s normal healing capabilities.

Calendula Extract - Made from the dried flowers of marigolds. Used to soothe skin and mucous membranes.

Lemon Grass Extract - Distilled from the leaves of lemon grasses. Used in the preparation of perfumes for its fragrance.

Clove Extract - Used for its cleansing properties.

Bee Pollen - A fine, powder-like material produced by the anthers of flowering plants and gathered by bees. Bee pollen contains the B-complex vitamins, vitamin C, amino acids, polyunsaturated fatty acids, enzymes and other proteins (10-35% by weight), carotenoids, calcium, copper, iron, magnesium, potassium, manganese, and sodium. Bee pollen is an excellent source of nourishment for the skin cells.

How do I use Skintelligence pH Skin Normalizer? Spray over cleansed face and neck and allow to dry.

How often should I use Skintelligence pH Skin Normalizer? For best results, use twice daily — once in the morning and once at night.

Is Skintelligence pH Skin Normalizer for all skin types? Yes, Skintelligence pH Normalizer can be used for all skin types; however, it is ideal for normal to oily skin types.

During what part of my skincare regimen should I use Skintelligence pH Skin Normalizer? Use Skintelligence pH Skin Normalizer after cleansing with Skintelligence Hydra Derm Deep Cleansing Emulsion. Follow with Skintelligence Skin Perfecting Complex for skin hydration or Skintelligence Alpha 24 Triple Revitalizing Complex for exfoliation.

Is Skintelligence pH Skin Normalizer tested on animals? No, Skintelligence products are not tested on animals.

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by Anonymous

Great skin

I could never find a skin product that I could use and didn't break me out. I have been using the skintelligence ph skin normalized, cleanser and ph 24 moisture since 2007. I love these product use them day and night....



My Lifesaver!

this product has become my secret weapon ever since I started using it! I use it every morning and evening after I was my face to help keep my skin clean and clear - I've really noticed a difference in my skins clarity since I started using this product about 2 months ago. I even spray my entire body after I get out of the shower for fully body coverage against oil build-up! Highly recommended.


by DonnaL

Skintelligence pH skin normalizer

I always use this before applying my skin care and when I do use make up I spray my face again when finished. leaves you feeling refreshed and increases the life of the make up.


by SusanR


I have 60 year old skin that is sensitive and needs pampering. But it also breaks out if I'm not careful about my skin care routine. I've been using the Skintelligence skin care line, including the pH skin normalizer, for over a year. It really works.


by TaraM


I was first introduced to this product to finish off my make-up application. It Locks in moisture and limits oily build-up; this holds make-up in place for 12Hrs. I also found that it works great as a Hair detangler for my daughter. I really like to use it on those Winter dry lips, for a quick healing aid.

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