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Be Fierce

Be Fierce

Motives Beauty Advisor-Vlai Yang

  1. Using the Super Power Mattes Palette, use a small flat brush and draw a half crease with ""Bold"".

  2. Use a crease brush and apply ""Spirit"" slightly over Bold.

  3. Blend with shade ""Level Up"".

  4. Use a concealer brush and cut crease with Motives Eye Base then pat ""Fly"" all over your lid area.

  5. With a strip of tape, put it at the corner of your eye. Make sure to stick it on the back of your hand a few times so the adhesive won't be as strong. You can use a Motives Makeup Wipe or Lumiere de Vie Micellular Cleanser with a cotton swab to make a clean wing if you prefer.

  6. Apply ""Bold"" as a liner but only on the outer corner towards the middle of your eye.

  7. Use ""Spirit"" slightly over Bold.

  8. Blend with ""Level Up"" again.

  9. Use ""Fierce"" on your lower lash line.

  10. Use ""Bold"" to smoke out your lash line.

  11. Use Motives Glitter Eyeliner Starry Eyes to line the crease you created before, right under shade Bold.

  12. Line your eyes with the Precisely The Point eyeliner.

  13. Apply your favorite lashes.

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