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Beauty Advisor Vlai Yang

  1. Using the Super Power Mattes Palette, define your crease with ""Feisty"" following your own natural shape and wing it out.

  2. With a flat brush, create another line with ""Bold"" under shade ""Feisty"". Only apply from the middle of the crease and outward. Make sure to blend!

  3. Apply ""Grit"" on the outer part of the lid.

  4. Apply ""Fly"" on the inner part of the lid.

  5. Apply ""Feisty"" on your lower lash line.

  6. Use ""Bold"" to smoke out the lower lash line.

  7. Apply eyeliner in “Onyx” on your upper lash line and water line.

  8. Using “Precisely The Point Eye Liner” apply your winged liner.

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