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Heart breaker

Heart breaker

Beauty Advisor Vlai Yang

  1. Using the Static Palette, apply Wrecked on your crease.

  2. Apply Void to the outer "V" of your eyes to smoke out the look. Don't add Void if you don't want a smokey look.

  3. Apply Extravaganza on the middle of your lids. Pat on the shadow for best results.

  4. Apply Hard Wired to the first half of your eyes. Pat on shadow for best results.

  5. Apply Void on your water line for a bold look or leave out.

  6. Apply Wrecked under Void to smooth the harsh lines.

  7. Apply Spell to the inner corners of your eyes.

  8. Using the Precisely Point Eye Line, line the top lash line creating a winged look.

  9. Line your lips with Lip Crayon in Mocha.

  10. Apply Mineral Lipstick in Rosewood.

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