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Plum Fairy

Plum Fairy

Beauty Advisor-Ka Xiong

  1. Using the Besos Palette, apply "Wink 8" as transition color above crease.

  2. Blend out above with "Wink 5".

  3. Apply "Wink 1" in crease, slightly blend in with "Wink 8" and into the lash line.

  4. Cut your crease with Cream Concealer in light with the Retractable Eye & Lip Brush, then fill in your lid space with the concealer.

  5. Apply "Wink 5" in the inner corner of lid and "Wink 8" into middle of lid. Slightly blend edges of colors into one another

  6. Mix Glitter Pot-Plum Fairy with Motives Glitter Glue and line the crease

  7. Apply eyeliner and lashes to complete your look.

  8. Lips-I'm wearing the lip liner all over my lips from the Dare to Bare Lip Kit.

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