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Perfect for travel, these handy wipes gently cleanse the skin. They remove all types of makeup, even long-wearing formulas, without leaving behind an oily residue.

Motives® Makeup Remover Towelettes


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by Anonymous

Motives Makeup Towelettes

I like thesetowelettes. They serve the purpose well


by AnnU

Best remover I have ever used

I am so amazed at how easily my makeup comes off. Great product


by Anonymous

Really good for removing makeup!

Used my face for a friend's makeup practice recently, so I had full makeup on my face but she just passed me 1 sheet to remove all my makeup. I was thinking are you serious? just 1? Used a 2nd piece as insurance but there wasn't much to be cleansed 2nd round. Loved how clean and refreshed my skin felt after that. People who love makeup but lazy to remove them at the end of the day, here's your excuse to put on more makeup, just get Motives® Makeup Remover Towelettes!



Love them!!!!!!

If you are a makeup artist you need these in your kit. Easily removes makeup so you can quickly correct errors and remove any product quickly from your hands and utensils.




Whether you're a MUA or not, these are a must have for both men and women. The wipes stay moist. Easily takes off makeup without rubbing on your skin harshly, smells great, leaves skin refreshed and without any residue of either makeup or soapy s#### from towelettes. YOU SERIOUSLY JUST NEED ONE FOR A FULL FACE! Even though, not recommended, I once fell asleep with just wiping my face with these towelettes, and didn't wash my face. But I woke up to smooth and hydrated skin- which does not happen with other wipes (I HAVE TRIED MANY OTHER BRANDS). This one beats it all!